CannaPitch – IPO Companies

Friday March 4th 3:30 – 5:00 P.M.

For The First Time –
Audience Participation Is Allowed For EVERYONE!

(No additional charge, included with Friday Day Pass or VIP 3 Day Pass)

Attendees will experience the first pitch event in the industry focused on the hottest and fastest growing companies in cannabis as they begin their journey towards the ultimate prize – a public offering raising millions of dollars. As our industry grows, these public companies will be able to acquire and merge using the power of public capital

Ed Rosenthal cannapitch

Crowdfunding just got a little bit more interesting. According to SEC Regulation A+, companies can secure funding via crowdfunding provided they are compliant with a set of very specific laws and standards. The new regulations:

>  Significantly reduce the cost for filings
>  Allow companies to generally solicit and advertise their offerings
>  Relax rules on financial reporting for public companies using this path

Our CannaPitch IPO session will feature Cannabis companies that are planning and in the process of going public via the new regulations.

During this session, the audience CAN PARTICIPATE! There are no rules restricting investment to accredited and qualified investors. Anyone can reserve shares – or purchase them directly for their account.

Are you ready?