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Brunches, Networking Receptions, and Friday Night Bash Included – See Agendas

Day 1
05 Mar 2016

California Business Models – Dispensaries After MMRSA

Opportunities and roadblocks for operators and investors in California.
Brennan Thicke
Marty Higgins
Jen Gentile
AJ Gentile

How California Sales and Use Tax Law Can Prevent Your Business From Obtaining a State License

California’s enactment of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act ushered in the framework for what will be the most comprehensive regulatory scheme for state-sanctioned cannabis enterprises in the state...
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Mike Parnes

Oaksterdam University’s NEW Business Prerequisite Course

         Dale Sky Jones, the Executive Chancellor of Oaksterdam University, will be facilitating a Business Prerequisites Course for anyone about to enter into the Cannabis Industry, designed...
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Dale Sky Jones

California Business Models – Land Use And Zoning For Operators

California’s landmark, new Medical Marijuana legislation, has created a sandstorm of controversy surrounding local permitting; operators and local cities and counties are just starting to traverse the unknown and deal...
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Pamela Epstein

Technology Updates – Advances in Testing and Extraction

Since the legal cannabis industry has started to step out of the black market, it is now able to showcase technological advancements that were once stifled by prohibition. The spread...
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Chris Walker
William Waldrop
Carter Laren
Jeffrey Binder

The New Frontier of Banking in the Cannabis Industry

Arguably, the greatest risk to the cannabis industry is not legalization of marijuana but the billions of dollars of undeposited cash floating around in our economy. Establishing standards designed to advance the regulatory provisions...
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Mark Goldfogel
Lynn Brewer
Matt Gediman
Mitch Baruchowitz
10:30- 12:00

Brunch Served In Expo Center Grand Ballrooms A & B

AUMA – Current Update On California Recreational Use

Learn about how the leading initiative to The Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) will streamline regulation and taxation for both non-medical and medical marijuana. Learn...
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Lauren Vazquez

Emerging Brands Showcase

SPONSORED BY: CANNABRAND Join us as we turn the Imperial ballroom into a major pitch event for emerging brands in cannabis. These are not investor pitches – these are pitches...
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David Weidenbach
Debby Goldsberry
Brennan Thicke
Marty Higgins
Jen Gentile
AJ Gentile
John Downs

California Business Models – Don’t Go It Alone with Licensing

Are you interested in acquiring a cannabis business license to cultivate, manufacture or dispense cannabis? Work with the industries best permit acquisition consulting firms Quantum 9 and CalCann Holdings to...
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Michael Mayes
Aaron Herzberg

CLS Holdings – Company Spotlight

Jeff Binder from CLS Labs will highlight his unique extraction technology and discuss the positioning of his company in the emerging market
Jeffrey Binder

Regulatory Compliance in Packaging

David Weidenbach leads a panel of recognized industry experts on the past, present and future of how packaging will help shape the industry. It’s not sexy but it is important...
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Alen Nguyen
David Weidenbach
Nick Kovacevich
Ross Kirsh

Investors and Operators – Beware of Pitfalls in Cultivation

Cultivation is the backbone of the cannabis industry. Currently over 85% of legal US cultivation is done indoors. If you are thinking of investing in a cultivation business, this seminar...
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Jennifer Martin

Advanced Lighting Techologies

As cannabis commoditizes and electricity rates increase, something must give in the cost per gram equation.  Heliospectra has spent the past 4 years developing an LED lamp that achieves equal...
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Chris Walker

Product Marketing And Branding

Jason Moore-Brown
Karen Freese
Celeste Miranda

Environmentally Friendly Cultivation

Legal cannabis cultivation and consumption is attracting investments that are leading to more intensive, commercial cultivation practices. Intensive cultivation concentrates the need for resources including water and energy. As yields,...
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Craig Shell
Kurt Parbst

Extraction and Manufacturing

Market share for cannabis concentrate products is rapidly increasing and could eventually completely replace smoking of cannabis.  Cannabis extraction and concentration methods have evolved rapidly over the past few years...
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Andy Joseph

Green Rush Consulting

Many cannabis businesses operate in the shadows, taking on big risks in order to help patients. As California regulations evolve, these rebels need to become more professional, integrating compliance in...
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Zeta Ceti


Consumers are getting away from the bud – as vaporizers are cleaner, healthier and may actually be better medically for many. Our panel will review the vape world as it...
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Chris McElvany
Michael Ray
Jeff Nagel
Seibo Shen
Tom King

Organic Pesticides

Our company is the 1st Company in the Cannabis business to be accepting investments in our REG A+ offering. CEO Dr. David Toomey will discuss why pesticides in Marijuana are so...
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Matthew Mills

Ed Rosenthal – Open Q&A

Ed Rosenthal (born Bronx, New York, 1944) is a California horticulturist, author, publisher, and Cannabis grower known for his advocacy for the legalization of marijuana use. He served as a...
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Ed Rosenthal
Randy Shipley
Randy Shipley

Kush Bottles – Spotlight

Discover a unique company that has all the components in place for rapid growth and significant shareholder appreciation. Kush Bottles, Inc. is a leader in providing certified child-safe packaging solutions...
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Nick Kovacevich

Aquanetus – Overview

The company will provide an overview of its prototype cannabis breathalyser; iMilieu The design is based upon a novel multi parameter sensor and data fusion detection algorithm. Results to date...
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Sina Moshksar
Lawrence Lambert

Buying and Selling Existing Businesses

The buying/selling process; terms & definitions Why does a seller sell and why does a buyer buy? As a seller do I need help or should I just sell the...
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Kevin Sutherland

The Economic Impact of Cannabis Facts for Entrepreneurs and Investors from Colorado

We are often asked: ”…how does legalization impact the economy?” Until now, that question has been impossible to answer, due to a lack of official data related to the production...
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Adam Orens

Facilities Management For Cultivators

As local and state regulations continue to evolve in California and other states, James Lowe with MJardin will explain how to take your potentially illegal outdoor and smaller “basement” grows...
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James R. Lowe

Herbal Chef – Gourmet Cooking and Cannabis

This is meant to inform the audience on the new methods of infusing food via smoking, vaporizing, fats, and water soluble methods. Educate you on what is now is offered...
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Chris Sayegh

Closing – California Growers Association

Hezekiah will present insights and considerations for investing in the real value of California’s cannabis marketplace. For generations, California Growers have led the world in quality and quantity of cannabis...
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Hezekiah Allen